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Armed with old legends, Sapphire's ten cats, and a talking ghost, Zoe has to reconcile her feelings for Dane and embrace her destiny before it's too late. Listeners Also Bought See All. Hook, Line and Blinker Unabridged. Chaos in Mudbug Unabridged. He also believed he and Clementine understood one another, which was far from true. Regardless, the stranger clearly frightened Clementine when he abducted her and began to threaten Lee through his radio.

Due to these circumstances, along with the stranger lying about knowing the whereabouts of her parents, Clementine did not return the favor and appeared to actively dislike and attack him, despite initially believing and wanting to convince Lee that he may have been trustworthy. If Lee fails to kill the stranger himself, Clementine will ultimately choose Lee over him, and shoot him in the head. The stranger and Tess were married and loved each other, however, the apocalypse took a toll on their relationship, causing their love for each other to become strained.

When their son, Adam , went missing, and Lee Everett 's group stumbled upon their station wagon and stole their supplies, Tess took their daughter, Elizabeth , and left her husband. He went looking for them later on and found them dead in the road. The stranger was extremely depressed upon the death of his wife, whom he loved.

The stranger then decapitated Tess, and put her head in a bowling bag to remember her. He also took it upon himself to get revenge for his fallen family members, and, he succeeded, to an extent.

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Adam is the stranger's son, and he seems to have loved him dearly. However, their relationship is not well explored upon because Adam was lost and presumably killed in the woods. The stranger and his family spent a lot of time to search for Adam, but they never found him. This caused the stranger to become depressed and extremely remorseful for bringing him out into the woods.

Elizabeth was the stranger's daughter and it is implied that he loved her very much. However, their relationship is not well explored because she left with her mother and was killed by walkers the next day.

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The stranger was extremely depressed upon the death of his daughter, and then swore revenge on Lee's group for causing the deaths of his wife and daughter, and succeeded to a certain extent. In his insanity however, he didn't necessarily have a problem with replacing his daughter with Clementine. Sign In Don't have an account?

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My son, Adam, went missing. I took him out hunting even though my wife said he was too young. I figured he had to learn. I came back without him and the look on her face said We never found him. I hurt her so bad. The hungrier we got, the more she blamed me.

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Until she finally took our daughter, Elizabeth, and left. They didn't get far In the road. Do I look like a monster to you?

I'm not like you. You're a monster. You're a murderer and a thief and I'm gonna hurt you so bad.

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Contents [ show ]. Lee Everett " You're a monster. You're a murderer and a thief and I'm going to hurt you so bad. She wouldn't be exposed to what she has been with you. She's not Lizzy, but she's sweet, she wouldn't hurt a fly Can anyone show a picture of the Stranger at the beginning of A New Day? Awesomeguy What the heck is with you reviving a dead thread Shouldn't this thread be closed already? Badger is the most insane villain since he never shows any shred of sanity. At least Carver is smart and can run a community, even if is i Categories :.

Clementine " I know how to be a dad, you know.

Tess " I hurt her Adam " I took my son, Adam, hunting even though my wife said he was too young. Elizabeth " Rural Georgia. Save-Lots Bandits. Jolene's Camp. Jolene's Daughter.

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Stone Mountain School. Stranger 's Family. Sam's Family Camp. Katy is arrested, and there's no help for it: Sir Gary's going to have to join the investigation. Much to Jack's dismay - and the delight of the women - he is finally forced to admit that Sir Gary is real. A real ghost, anyway.