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Worldstorm comes close to the creation of an Alternate Cosmos in its delineation of a world whose population is inherently shaped according to Inclinations based on the four elements of alchemy, while the eponymous storm shakes the planet without cease. Provender Gleed is a Satirical Alternate History in which the world is ruled by families of capitalists, the Jonbar Point being a realpolitik decision by the Renaissance Borgias and Medicis to join together. Perhaps the most ambitious of these, The Age of Ra , combines Military SF tropes and Wargame -like battles with a Far Future venue where conflicts rage among the gods mostly Egyptian over the rule of Earth; a problem with this tale, as with some of Lovegrove's earlier expeditions, may lie in a sense of undue haste: almost, at times, as though his traversal of genres was touristic.

This novel opens the Pantheon sequence [see Checklist], set in various Alternate Histories , each under the rule of a different pantheon of gods; the most impressive of these may be Age of Aztec , in which the Aztec gods, aided by advanced Technology , impose a harsh rule upon the world. So why do you think that this agent sent you this book? Knopf is known for being very literary, but also for taking chances with its books and authors. So although The Illuminae Files may not have been my typical kind of book, I think the agents saw Knopf as the right publisher.

I tend to be drawn to books that are girl-centric. What was your favorite part about Gemina or something that surprised or interested you about this second book? I think what has surprised me is the way the authors continue to one-up themselves. The male lead is kind of the lovable anti-hero.

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So: when you get a manuscript what happens next? How do you start making a book?

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It starts with a lot of dry administrative things; we sign the book up, we go to a contract, and then I start by working backward from when we anticipate that we want the book to come out. We work with our internal production and design groups to mastermind a schedule. Because this is such a complex book visually, the design aspects require a lot more time than a typical book might, with its tidy lines of text on a page.

For Illuminae and Gemina , literally every page is a different design. The authors were also heavily involved in the design inspiration for the book, so we had to factor them into the blueprint when we were setting up the schedules. Once we had a schedule down, it was easier to address the more straightforward editorial things with the authors.

Download e-book Driven To Tears (The Darby Trilogy Book 1)

I went through the book with big-picture things in mind, like what could be improved and what did we have questions about. Copyediting a book of this size takes about four to six weeks. The manuscript then goes back to the authors so they can address any queries that the copy editor has found. They generally have about a month with it and then we send it to our design group.

And from there, the book needs a minimum of ten months to come together before finally going to the printer, with numerous passes and reviews by everybody in between. These ideas got dismissed very early on, but they ended up inspiring the case cover design, where designer Ray Shapell was able to let loose with the whole idea of redaction, leaking classified lines, and showing hand-written communications from the characters.

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Although abandoning the original jacket designs felt like a setback initially, the process brought us directly to final packaging. They do. But I think these books have really broken the mold. Is there anything else that would surprise someone outside of publishing about your job? Most of my editorial life in the office is spent at meetings or answering emails, and I need to disengage from the office in order to really get into a creative mind space. Photo Credit: Christopher Tovo Why do you think fans are responding so strongly to this series, outside of its non-traditional layout?

Their writing process involved sending each other blind chapters, and they wrote some passages by text messaging each other rather than sitting side by side, nursing every line in a common voice. So their individual writing personas feel intact and their living, breathing process gets contained in the book. Is there anything else people might like to know about the book? UPS got the address wrong, and Jay was running around trying to locate the boxes.

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This is part 2 of our round-table discussion with the digital marketing team. For part 1, click here. Therefore, when planning the website for Gemina , we really had to look at the Illuminae Files website and see how we could update it to work for both books. We did a full redesign to incorporate the new blue elements from the Gemina book cover, and we developed a plan for exclusive content we can bring to the website. Before I started, all technical projects—even a copy edit on a website—were completed by outside developers.

The Illuminae Files website is one of the projects that was initially created by an outside developer that I have since updated for Gemina. I do a lot of social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. I oversee the department, and we basically touch everything digital.

Email marketing, websites, social media, we oversee all digital strategy for the department. What do you think is special or unique about this book?

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Why will readers want to get their hands on it? Their personalities just shine. I love how into the characters everyone is… they feel really connected to them. I love that the authors are willing to do anything and they understand social media… they really get it. What are some of the steps you take when you first start working on a title? Cayla: I start by reading the book.

Kate: Our marketing process starts with list launch meetings, when the editorial group presents all their titles for that season. Later on, we have meetings with publicity, editorial, sales, and marketing groups. We talk about comparative books in the marketplace, and how we felt about our readings of the book. Once Sandra was old enough she left home and went to college for 3 years, then her entrepreneurial spirit just took over. She made money, then lost it, found another niche, made money, then lost it.

There are 2 recipes in the book.

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To me it means learning to balance the good days with the bad. Grace is about being proud of yourself, your actions, your life, what you stand for, and the way you give back [ Sandra is a huge philanthropist ]. Grace is offering understanding and acceptance when the rest of the world does not. She is an inspiration. Finally got around to reading it. Dirt poor, yet the women just get themselves back up and work.

The husbands in the story have problems, health and otherwise. But what you see here is work, and work and more work just to keep above water.

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A fateful decision is made by one that reverberates throughout her life and those of her children. Pachinko the machines and the gaming economy that runs because of it is thought of as part of the underbelly of Japanese culture. I remember seeing the pachinko machines when I visited Japan back in the s.

So the book infers, much of pachinko is even controlled by a kind of Japanese mafia and certainly has no status if you work in the pachinko arena. Wealth, yes.