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User Info: gizmo gizmo 1 month ago 1 Ok I have actually never played Fates. The last and first ever FE game I played was sacred stones when I was around I just finished all 4 routes of FE3H and while it's my favorite tactical RPG right now, I can't say I'm not a bit disappointed with how they handled the story and maps. It just feels so repetitive going through all 4 routes in one month.


Feeling a bit burned out, I went looking for some previous FE maps hoping to see some more variations for the DLC stages. I found a video called "the best FE fates maps". And whoa am I not impressed with the quality of those maps. Plus all of them have pretty interesting and varied goals and objectives. Granted, it was probably a lot easier making maps on the 3DS because of the low visual quality, but I really wish 3H could use some of the innovation, ideas and challenges from Fates.

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This video definitely triggered my interest in Fates so I searched for more videos, and I was pretty hooked by the story and all the stages from all 3 routes I've seen seem pretty damn interesting, well-designed, and most importantly completely different stages from each other. The story of all 3 routes also seem completely different from each other rather than like in 3H where all routes except El's take pretty much follow the same trajectory with different final fight.

I don't know exactly why Fates got all the hate.

I never owned a 3DS so never cared about its games. I'm sure some criticisms are very valid given how widespread they seem to be, but from the few hours I spent checking the game out, it really looks like an amazing FE game and I just can't stop hoping that 3H could be more like it in terms of creativity and map variation, with different routes actually being completely distinct both in terms of plot-progress and stage design, while keeping the new modern look. Anyway just my 2 cents based on an admittedly pretty limited look at Fates.

User Info: superxgaga superxgaga 1 month ago 3 I got jebaited. User Info: gizmo gizmo Topic Creator 1 month ago 4 superxgaga posted User Info: gizmo gizmo Topic Creator 1 month ago 6 Endgame posted In Birthright, she is killed by Hans, and in Conquest, she is killed by a faceless. I went on a Lilith drawing spree after her death in memoriam. Izana dies in Revelations, but I don't know how he dies.

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I lost my Revelations copy ;-; Azura dies in Birthright, and is said to die in Conquest, but it is not specified. Kaze falls in a landslide and dies in Birthright. You can save him. Elise's Death. Lilith's Death. Xander's Death.

8 things I wish I'd known before starting Fire Emblem Fates

Flora's Death. Azura's Death. Ryouma's Death. Kaze's Death. I loved how Takumi was the final boss of Conquest.

Fates Warning 06 The Wish / We Only Say Goodbye / Another Perfect Day / Monument Live 09.11.14

I didn't expect it, and I was shocked. The fight itself was very challenging, and I loved every second. Making the decision to kill or spare Shura reminded me of Undertale a small bit. It was fun deciding, and I let him live, because why not? We need an extra healer.

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Then, I promoted Niles to adventurer, and look what I created. The best Conquest team ever. It was fun as hell in both routes, and badass when Leo killed him. Killing him was great!

What is a mood?

Now, I kept trying to find out who Silas really was. Marrying him three times in Birthright, I had to keep going with this.

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I HAD to figure out just who that cinnamon roll really was. And I uncovered some shocking evidence. Silas was once a noble. Think I'm kidding? Look at his supports with Charlotte. Specifically, the C support. Silas states that he isn't royalty, but he is of noble blood. Shocked yet? He's also somewhat a copy of Norne Mystery of the Emblem, Shadow Dragon , as he is the avatars childhood friend and became a knight to see them again.

We may never know who this pure smol bean really is. I personally liked the Conquest characters more than the Birthright characters, with the exception of a few. My personal favorite backstory to look at is Mozu. Mozu was the lone survivor of her village, ravaged by faceless.

She boarded the wrong airplane and was sitting in my seat. Fate may have served that couple well. But sometimes fate leaves a lover out in the cold. Is there a time when the hand of fate changed the course of your life? Do share … in the comments section! Load more comments.

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