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Not only did she keep the house spotless, she also made the guests feel right at home. I did my best, but I had to admit that Kelson could run rings around me. I made sure she was paid well because I really didn't want to lose her. I thought about going to the Blue Jinn, but I didn't feel like a sit-down meal.

While I had been working out regularly, and eating better the past few months, I knew I would never lose my love of fried foods, and right now, I was in the mood for fish and chips. I eased into the parking lot of the Clam Shack. She was opening a small oyster bar down on the shore, complete with waterfront views. I ordered fried halibut and chips, and a cup of clam chowder, and then drove down the street to Eygar's Park, a small park with picnic tables that was directly on the shore.

After finding a table and setting out my dinner, I pulled out my phone. Time to try Sandy again. Again, no answer. I was starting to get worried. I wondered if I should call Max. She might be over at his place. Finally, in between bites of the fish and the chowder, I called him. This time, I got an answer.

What's shaking? He and Sandy were quite the item and things were really heating up between them. She was supposed to be at a coven meeting tonight, and she didn't show. I've been texting her and calling her, but she hasn't answered. Is she at your place, by chance?

A breeze sprang up, wafting the scent of roses past me. Floral and spicy, they smelled like some exotic perfume. I inhaled deeply, wondering where the bushes were. Whatever variety they were, I wanted some for my garden. I wanted to make essential oil from them.

So I know she was planning on attending. It was up the coast a ways, on a campus that overlooked the water. I'll call her and then call you back. After he hung up, I polished off my chowder, staring out at the water. Bedlam was a far cry from Seattle, where I had lived for a number of years.

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While I had come here for coven meetings since the s, I had only moved over to the island nine months before, on a drunken whim. So much had changed since then. I had met Aegis, my vampire boyfriend, I had opened the Bewitching Bedlam bed-and-breakfast, and had settled into a life where I felt comfortable and happy. But there were shadows brewing, and I had lived long enough to know that nothing was ever perfect. And that joy was always intermingled with sorrow. My name is Maudlin Gallowglass, Maddy, for short. Among my nicknames, though, is the one I'm most famous for: Mad Maudlin.

And that name, perhaps, represents my essential self. I was born on October twenty-eighth, in , in Ireland, and spent much of my early life traveling between Ireland and England. Long ago and far away, I was in love with Tom-Tom of Bedlam, as he was called. A different country, a different Bedlam. He was also a witch, and we roamed the countryside, staying a hop and a step ahead of the witch hunters.

We posed as minstrels, or rather, my sweet Tom did.

He wrote a song that's now a famous folk song. Mad Tom of Bedlam , or as it's often called, the Boys of Bedlam , was about our life, and the "Mad Maudlin" in the song refers to me. As I said, we journeyed through the countryside, casting our spells and making music and having fun. Tom, I met him through one of my best friends, Fata Morgana, who now runs with the wild ocean. I found Bubba in , who I found as a kitjin -a baby cjinn-and he traveled with us.

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Eventually Sandy joined us in We made quite a crew, and we were well known across the lands. Luckily, there was no such thing as the internet then, or GPS systems, and we were able to evade the Inquisition and their tortures.

Black Siren Hardcover Journal

But in , Tom and I encountered a group of vampires. Tom summoned a Faerie warrior, who saved Bubba and me, dragging us into a barrow mound. But the vampires caught hold of Tom, and they turned him. And my sweet love was no more, lost forever to the night. When I emerged from the Faerie mound in and found out what had happened, Mad Maudlin took over, and I ran wild.

I took up hunting vampires, and together with Fata Morgana and Sandy, we stalked and staked them-as many as we could. The world became a river of blood as I sought revenge for my Tom.

The Song of the Sirens

Until one night we stood on a hill above a village of the creatures, and I rained fire down from the heavens to destroy every vampire in the village. That night, something snapped, and we walked away and threw ourselves into a wild, raucous life for decades. And then Now, I'm here. And I'm in love with a vampire-yes, I recognize the irony. Bubba's still by my side, and Sandy and I are best friends.

As for Fata But I'm content. The world is a different place, and life evolves. And I'm happy. Max called back a few minutes later. I had just finished the last piece of fish and my fingers were greasy, so I grabbed a napkin and used a voice command to answer the phone. His voice shaking, Max said, "Yeah. Jenna hasn't heard from her, but just as I was getting off the phone, a call came in from Delia. Delia Waters was Bedlam's sheriff and mayor.

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She was also a werewolf, and had become a good friend over the past few months. In fact, my new housekeeper, Kelson, was Delia's cousin. Max took a deep breath. Sandy was sideswiped earlier in the parking lot. She's just regained consciousness. She's alive, but she's pretty shaken up-that's all I know.

Damn it, here I'd been ticked off at her for not answering and she had been lying hurt in the street. Feeling seven shades of guilt, I headed to my car, dumping the rest of my dinner in the garbage can.

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