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Einstein Hollow Face Illusion.

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  • Your brain constructs a pattern for the line movements that doesn't exist. Once the solutions have been revealed, you may still have trouble reconciling what you see with what you know to be true. But at the very least, turning the illusions off in the moving images below should give your brain a break.

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    Support Grassroots Searches for the Disappeared Featured in “Illusions of Control”

    Thanks for helping us pay the bills! Each September, the Ig Nobel Prizes a play on the word ignoble are given out to scientists who have wowed the world with their eccentric, imaginative achievements. Roger Mieusset and Bourras Bengoudifa were awarded the anatomy prize for testing the scrotum temperatures in clothed and naked men in various positions.

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    They found that in some postal workers, bus drivers, and other clothed civilians, the left scrotum is warmer than the right, while in some naked civilians, the opposite is true. Find Bewilderworld through the glass corridor on the second floor. World of Illusions. Magic Gallery — from classic illusions to electrifying experiments, everything here will blow your mind.

    Light Fantastic — see yourself grow, shrink and stretch.

    Gaze in wonder at our pictures and see how your eyes can be fooled with brilliant visual effects. Think again. Same city.