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One homeless family rode the bus all night and then showed up in the morning, ragged and starving. Fighting Chance has speed bags and heavy bags, a ring and work-out room, built out bathrooms with a shower and a fully functional kitchen.

Vancouver Island University leads the way

It looks clean and inviting, sunshine pouring through the windows onto children learning how to wrap hands, punch stuff, and jump rope. Mills boxed himself, training at Uppercuts in Northeast Minneapolis, and he found taking kids from the troubled Northside of the city to gyms in other parts of the city had an impact. Boxing requires a lot of one-on-one attention, which kids crave, and anyone who has hit the bag and felt a hook sink in right knows how good that feels.

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You want to do it again and again, feel the confidence build and let that aggression and stress out on in inanimate, receptive target. We've almost been overwhelmed by the reaction.

Kids on the north side of Minneapolis need this. North Minneapolis has been synonymous with crime and drugs for at least 20 years. On a sunny afternoon, the rows of single-family homes belie the violence that goes down here on a regular basis.

Anti-Abduction Program

This is where the local Black Lives Matter movement and allies staged a protest for several days last winter, calling for a release of video footage in the shooting of Jamar Clark. Black poverty on the Northside contrasts sharply with White affluence in the south, and in the surrounding suburbs.

Muay Thai children fighting for cash - Unreported World

This is a stark contrast to high-income countries, where 80 percent of pediatric cancer patients will survive. David G.

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  • Province-wide tuition waiver gives former foster kids a fighting chance.
  • A Fighting Chance.

It is a devastating situation for the children, their families and their communities, particularly since so much of their suffering could be alleviated, if not prevented. Our goal is and must continue to be that no child - anywhere in the world - should die from cancer. But at a minimum, all children should have the same fighting chance.

A Fighting Chance

The reason for the disparity has much to do with capacity or, rather, the lack of it. In much of sub-Saharan Africa, the resources needed to diagnose and treat pediatric cancer are scarce; and the healthcare professionals needed to administer them are almost non-existent. As a result, too few children are effectively diagnosed; and even fewer have access to medicines and other treatments, which are often available in locations too distant for many to reach.

These factors are compounded by a mix of cultural factors and low expectations, which often lead some in rural communities to question the utility of conventional medical care. Taken together, this dire mix of challenging circumstances means that for the children of these regions - unlike in other parts of the world - cancer is a near-certain death sentence.

This must change, and we and our partners are determined to do our part to change the pediatric cancer landscape in sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, we are determined to develop model programs, help build the needed capacity and train healthcare providers, and to provide a blueprint for other countries to follow.

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To that end, this week at an event with His Excellency the President of Botswana, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, we launched a new initiative to directly and effectively address the significant unmet need of childhood cancer in eastern and southern Africa. Called Global HOPE Hematology-Oncology Pediatric Excellence , the plan is to build and operate an innovative pediatric hematology-oncology treatment network that will help provide long-term capacity to treat and dramatically improve the prognosis of thousands of children in the region.

Monday am - pm Tuesday am - pm Wednesday am - pm Thursday am - pm Friday am - pm Saturday am - pm Sunday By Appointment.

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