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Hilton Strathclyde

We have a broad range of activities to suit most needs. Adult lessons are available in the form of learn to swim or improvement. The above programme provides the entire income for the pool and our fully qualified staff are available when assistance is required. The project will include new flooring, benches, changing cubicles, lighting, mirrors and toilets in the changing room and new shower cubicles and surrounding tiled area to transform the environment for female pool customers.

Opening Hours

The upgrade is being carried out thanks primarily to a loan from Key Fund, a social enterprise that provides finance to help community ventures. Inevitably, the pool will have to run a very restricted programme during the work as the female changing area and showers will be totally out of operation.

Details are being finalised and will be announced soon. The new facilities will be ready for the start of September and the autumn term of swimming lessons.

The swimming pool trust believes the short-term disruption is a price well worth paying for improvements that are much-needed and have been planned for such a long time. Every effort is being made to secure a sustainable long-term future for the pool as a community-based charity, May we also take the opportunity to remind all customers that the car park next to the pool continues to be available outside school hours.

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Classes for all abilities. Free Assessment to ensure correct level. Click here to view the new lesson timetable with extra classes. This coupled with an ideal teaching pool which has two shallow ends and is 30 meters in length makes sure there is ample room for the children to learn safely.

Current programs and schedules

Parents are able to sit on poolside and watch your child progress. The above sessions run weekly and are a good way of introducing your child to the water. In the situation where the teacher has responsibility for groups comprising more than two pupils the teaching position is from the side of the pool as this provides the best position to oversee the whole group in terms of safety and to provide appropriate feedback on the performance of each person in the group. This does not preclude a teacher being in the water to assist pupils either on a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 basis or as an assistant to the class teacher.

Lily swims from DEEP end to shallow end!

Check the depth of the water first to ensure you can stand on the pool floor once you have fully entered the water. Enter by holding on to the rails with both hands and stepping down one step at a time.

Plaza Pool Programs

Some pools have steps into the pool underwater that start at deck level. These are the safest and easiest entry points as they allow a slow and gradual entry. This entry works best on deck-level swimming pools.

Once again ensure the water depth is shallow enough to be able to stand on the pool floor before entering. From a sitting position, with legs in the water, place both hands to one side and then turn your back to the water. Then lower yourself gradually into the water, keeping hold of the poolside at all times. A jumping entry into the swimming pool is usually appropriate for the confident swimmer. Non swimmers and those with a fear of swimming in deep water are unlikely to be confident enough to jump into the water unaided.

Confident non-swimmers might jump into the pool, but should do so wearing appropriate buoyancy aids.

Deep & Shallow Water Policies | Klahaya Swim & Tennis Club

Before using a jumping entry, you should consider the depth of the water compared to your own height. Start with toes over the edge of the poolside, jump away from the poolside and bend the knees on landing. Get over to Facebook and join the Swim Teach group where swimming teachers help beginners learn how to swim. Come on over and ask your questions.