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My friend Emily says, Just let it happen. Jeremy and I never talked about it. It just happened , which is the advice of a woman who has never been ghosted on.

They are moving in together next month, i. Some nights, when the day has dissolved into sunset and there are few obligations left between myself and sleep, I call my best friend in Philadelphia.

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She moved five states away for a nonprofit job, to a place where the air is polluted but life feels clearer. She sends me photos of herself wearing a striped shirt and drinking a fancy cocktail in New York. I tend to hold romantic intimacy sacred, on a platform higher and more mystical than that of friendship or nonverbal expression.

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The parts of myself I access through love are strange and mysterious, but only in that I ascribe those qualities to it. There are a million ways to feel close to someone. The idea that it may stem only from romantic connection or sexual yearning is absurd.

Sure, sex is intimate, but have you ever tried admitting you believe in aliens? Intimacy is everywhere.

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It is laughing until orange juice spurts out of my nose in the kitchen with my roommate. Sitting silently on the couch, watching the same Kim Kardashian Instagram story on different phones. While it is true that some people will actively and aggressively reject God because their hearts are hard and their desires for money and fame and power are so overpowering that these elements rule their very existence, there are far too many others who are angry and hurt because they looked for that love, and where they thought they could find it, they were repulsed.

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  4. So that verse at the top? Once every two weeks I headed to the Mega-Pastor B had some decent things to say about grace, mercy, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.

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    Most recent. When Christian Leaders Say, "Jump! How to Recognize a False Prophet "Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.