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Julie M. She knows all about reading and what kids like. I really like the Bob Books and how they made reading accessible for my daughter. Plus, these easy reader books are short and sweet. Have you seen Bob Books?

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The illustrations are line drawings with only a few splashes of one color per picture. I wondered if the illustrations would be a turn-off for JJ but she liked them — and LOVED them on the iPad because reading the word correctly meant the pictures got colored in. I appreciate how readable these books are, with only simple sentences on each page accompanied by a colorful illustration on the opposite page. Each book includes a glossary at the front of STEM words, sight words, and study words.

Finally, because each book has a card of information for you to help extend the learning. Buy these books! Donkey asks Dog to describe it. Which leads to hilarious fun! Can you tell I love Jan Thomas? The Doghouse by Jan Thomas The ball went into the doghouse. Who will get it out? Cow will. Finally, Duck.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, Volume 12

What is going on? What happens to the friends after going into the doghouse? Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illustrated by Pat Schories The Biscuit books are classic early readers that give kids successful reading experiences. Biscuit is a cute, playful puppy who lives with his little girl and her family.

Monkey really loves forts so he turns the tables with a clever twist.

Infinity Age Ninja and The Ninja God (Two Story Pack)

Hi, Jack! Your kids will read all about mischievous Jack who lives with Lady. And how he gets into trouble over and over again. Jack Blasts Off! The alien gets angry so Jack and Rex leave for the dark side of the moon where they encounter a big scary monster! But the alien will save them! Do You Like My Bike?

Hello, Hedgehog! Darling stories of friendship and bike riding. Then Yeti helps Unicorn try new things like a snowball fight. Short stories of friendship between two mythical creatures, what could be better!? May I Please Have a Cookie? His mom helps him figure out that he should ask nicely. These DK readers are a favorite at my school library!

These simple stories are funny and perfect for beginning readers. Caterpillar to Butterfly by Laura Marsh I love the informational but simple text matching each beautiful photograph.

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But what happens when Otto shares the balloon? Pip floats away so Otto must help. See more in the series here. Virjan Look at all the animals that join the pig in a wig on a boat! What will the pig do? Fox on a Box by Phil Roxbee Cox This is a great beginning reader phonics story to read again and again. Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold Fly and the boy meet in this first book of a super hilarious series.

In this story, the boy enters his fly in an amazing pet contest, dazzling the judges, and winning the show.

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  • The Secret Within: No-nonsense Spirituality for the Curious Soul!
  • Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant, illustrations by Sucie Stevenson Henry is lonely so his parents allow him to get a dog. He picks a puppy named Mudge who becomes his best friend. Step into the sewers with New York's most bizarre teenage heroes and relive their epic adventures from Nickelodeon's ground-breaking CG-animated series!

    Dig through early concept sketches, beautiful background paintings, and glimpses into the innovative CG production that brought the world to life. Each branch of the Foot is determined to kill the Turtles first, to prove their rightful claim to power. It all starts in Gotham City, as a series of deadly raids leads Batman to believe he is up against a group of highly trained ninjas. Somehow, the Foot Clan has crossed over to another dimension-but they haven't come alone: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are on their trail!

    It's the crossover you never saw coming! Join Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they try to save their cities from the baddest of the bad guys! The Caped Crusader joins forces with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Master Splinter to take down the most vicious villains from two dimensions! Complete Infestation! A dimensions-spanning zombie outbreak and The Elder Gods of H.

    When the samarai rabbit embarks on a quest to save Japan and the deadly Jei blocks his path, a Turtle team-up may be the only chance for survival! This special extended edition comes with new features including the rare Mirage-era story The Treaty! The Turtles take center stage in Hero Initiative's famous " Project" format! A Deluxe presentation of Kevin Eastman's solo Annual!

    Raphael and Casey find themselves in the middle of a criminal escapade gone wrong. Rival clans jockey for power in the NYC criminal underworld, and the Ninja Turtles are drawn into the chaos.

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    Expect the unexpected in this fast-paced tale that set the stage for the exciting City Fall arc! This expanded, limited-edition hardcover collects the annual co-written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, drawn by the co-creator Eastman himself!

    Includes high-resolution scans of Kevin's layouts, storyboards and character designs used for creating this landmark issue. This post-apocalyptic fantasy is a tale of courage, compassion and empathy.

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    She is a healer. She sings to the ancient trees that protect the small wilderness. But one day Crow tells of humans who will come to burn the trees. It is regarded as a classic and is part-fantasy, part history and through the friendship of two girls reveals terrible secrets of the relations between early settlers and the Indigenous peoples.

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    Although the bird speaks in riddles, Sadie comes to understand that it is she who holds the key to a past mystery, and when she is repeatedly spun back through time to witness a terrible crime, things start to fall into place. Set against a backdrop of prejudice and past injustices, and steeped in Indigenous lore, this is also a story about family and friendships. Told by an excellent story teller, this is the story of a young boy who learns from the boxing ring that small can beat big and sets out to be the welterweight champion. It is set in a South Africa divided by racism and hatred and has a strong message against racism.

    This always turns out to be something harmless but by a coincidence of events leads to the thwarting of a real crime. Lots of fun, with a guest-appearance by the pesky little Ernesto, and clues, puzzles and codes. At the end of the book there are clues for solving the puzzles and a glossary of the Spanish words scattered throughout the story.