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Paper Profile is a uniform declaration for presenting environmental product information. Paper Profile enables the professional paper buyer to make well informed product choices. It covers relevant environmental aspects related to pulp and paper production including:. Read more. The interest in environmental aspects of paper products differs among different users.

Paper producers often receive extensive questionnaires related to paper and environment from customers. Paper Profile has been designed to supply relevant environmental information satisfying customer needs. When using the Paper Profile one should note that different products have different environmental characteristics, depending on the production processes applied.

Local environmental conditions of the production site are another important aspect to take into account. Therefore Paper Profile is not necessarily suitable for comparing or ranking products environmental impact directly. Stakeholders interested in the local or regional impact of a specific paper mill are advised also to use mill specific information e. Paper Profile forms are intended to be used solely by Paper Profile member companies.

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Member companies are responsible for the data published on the Paper Profile forms. Subscription is optional and you can cancel anytime.

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To upgrade, visit the Paper Pro section in the Settings menu. To opt out, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

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Love Paper? Please leave a review! We read every comment, review and tweet, and your thoughts and suggestions are taken into serious consideration as we continue to evolve the tool. If you need help or want to share feedback, contact us at support wetransfer. We've added a new feature to the Collage Tool. You can now quickly import any page from your journal as an image directly into the canvas.

Using your own sketch pages to build entirely new designs with the Collage Tool is fast and surprisingly fun.

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Also included: a couple of minor bug fixes and improved reliability of our Pro purchase flow. Ingeniously designed, Paper presents a powerfully modern tool for writing, drawing, note-taking, and beyond.

Sketch out ideas and whip up diagrams with a rich selection of responsive brushes. Using simple gestures, quickly annotate photos or transform text into beautifully formatted lists. I loved paper as a kid when it first came out, and my love for it has never faded. As an artist I have high standards for what a digital drawing tool should feel like and paper is the only one that makes the experience so natural and perfect.

You can use various paper templates, such as interface drafting, lined paper, etc which have all been incredibly useful for me. Every feature on paper is delicately thought out and beautifully executed.

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Paper deserves an award for its simplicity and usability alone: on top of that, its functionality is never lacking. With most apps you need to inelegantly use a slider to adjust it. It takes special kind of genius to make a feature so simple and friendly. Paper is full of little touches like this that make the app delightful to use at every moment.

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Paper never fails to satisfy, and it sets a standard of quality all app developers should strive for. It used to be simple and it worked well. Developers always feel that they have to give you more options. Sometimes I feel in America we have too many options. So many that they get in the way of creativity.