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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Charms and Charming in Europe. Front Matter Pages i-x. Pages Front Matter Pages On the Christianity of Incantations. The Self of a Charm. Charms in Medieval Memory. French Charmers and Their Healing Charms.

If you think of time as a body of water, think of fate as the currents, eddies, tides, and waves of the surface of the water. The power of the first level of mastery, an Initiate of Fate may use Mage Sight to detect the peculiar resonance of threads particularly woven into the fabric of destiny. They may examine common themes or links between objects, places, or people.

Charms and Charming in Europe

The mage can mitigate bad luck to an extent, nullifying small factors of probability rather than making events, such as rolling dice or flipping a coin. The second level of mastery gives an Apprentice of Fate the power to bring about minor curses or give themself a little good luck, helping or hindering in a crucial task. They may bestow their perception of destiny onto another or create a field of protective luck around themselves causing bullets to go astray or melee weapons to slide off them and not slice through them.

They may imbue themselves with exceptional luck in a social situation, allowing them to say and do the right things in a given interaction. They can create plausible twists in the skein of fate, creating events that are reasonably likely, or they may cause a machine to function perfectly for a time.

Lastly, the mage picks up the basics of swearing an oath, a magical contract that grants the mage strength of will to perform feats of great mental fortitude when the oath demands it, at the cost of poor fortune if they act against their oath. Apprentices of Fate may use special conjunctional effects.

A mage may give another spell a "conditional duration," causing it to last slightly longer than normal at the expense of setting a condition under which the spell will cease earlier. The more easily the condition may be met, the greater the boosted duration of the spell. Fate spells with conditional durations are the only spells which can affect living creatures indefinitely other spells with conditional durations may not. Disciples of Fate, using the third level of mastery, may grant their shield of protective luck to others, or bless them with minor good fortune in a similar manner to the blessings the mage could lay on themselves previously.

They may alter the terms of an oath, changing the nature of their service but not alter it completely , or imbue certain objects with good or bad luck to anyone using or handling them. The mage may conceal a great destiny from the eyes of other Fate users, or change the appearance of that destiny so it seems to be a different sort of fate.

Pray for Karnataka! - Day 2

Finally, the mage may bless themselves with incredible luck, gaining the ability to perform feats of amazing luck that defy credulity. Adepts of Fate, use the fourth level of mastery, which grants them even greater luck than before. The mage may unbind souls chained to a specific place by a wielder of the Arcanum of Death or other supernatural being or power, allowing a soul to be removed from a soul jar or unbound from a creature to which it has been reattached.

The mage gains the power to sanctify the oath of another in the place of that person if said person cannot use the Arcanum of Fate to such a degree.

Finally, the mage gains the power to completely annul a magical oath, freeing them or another from the bindings of an unwanted oath or forcibly parting another from an oath they wish to hold up. This applies to all supernatural powers of the type, not just Awakened magic. Adepts of Fate are also "Unfettered," gaining a special connection to their own destiny. They are supernaturally aware of being targeted by certain magical effects which would disrupt their destiny, and may instantly attempt to disrupt them with a counterspell.

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They may also break such compulsions, freeing them or another from service. The mage may create a Doom, a magical object, creature, happenstance, place, or time that gives bad luck to a specific person when that person interacts with it, or may create a Godsend, an article of similar nature that grants protection to them or another when it's near. The mage may bestow incredible bad luck on another person, causing them to fail at everything they try whilst under the power of the spell.

The mage can radically alter the fate of another person, changing the course of their life in a severe way, create random happenings of bizarre and unusual things, opening the minds of Sleepers to the impossible for a little while and reducing their ability to generate Paradox. Archmages are rare but not unheard of.

Claudia Quinta (Pro Caelio 34) and an altar to Magna Mater

Archmages become Avatars of the Arcanum they studied, living embodiments of the Watchtower their power comes from. They take on the physical characteristics of their Arcanum. Archmages can cast all the spells from Initiate to Master, without using any Mana, and in any preferred duration. They effectively gain the powers of a God, including limited immortality e.

They still suffer penalties of their Inferior Arcanum.