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An increasing number like to be on top. And their partners love it! Filled with surprises and unexpected twists yes, that kind, too! Dominants and submissives are not so very different -- they both crave that frisson of power. The Big Book of Domination brings you erotic stories to get your heart pumping, like the story of a reporter who likes to experience everything first hand. It's been said that clothes make the man -- can putting on the right clothes transform an ordinary man into a charismatic dom?

When Glenn finds the leathers in his friend's closet, his trip to the bars nets him the perfect boy. Dominance and submission is a dance D. King knows well, and The Big Book of Domination rocks your world with stories of sensuous games with male dominants, training and discipline by female dominants, and all manner of sensuous games and pairings.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x King, editor of the award-winning anthology "Under Her Thumb. A visitor to San Francisco slips into a set of leathers that fit like a glove, which helps him pick up the perfect trick in Rob Rosen's "A Change in the Leather. Filled with heated power play, sexy surprises and unexpected twists, this book of pleasure proves that when lust and desire take control, all bets are off.

Review quote "The book is a feast to be savored, whether your desires lean toward the bottom, the top, or you are simply curious. These stories will get your heart pumping and your mind titillated. Not all females like to submit, just as not all males like to Dominate. Then there are those who enjoy being both the Dominant and the submissive, depending on their mood and who their partner is.

Just as there are a wide variety of Dom me s and subs, the stories within this book are very diverse in the way they are written and presented. Each short gave just enough background to not leave you wondering how the particular story came to be, yet at the same time didn't give all the story away. There were even some which I read that left me wanting more from the author and for them to make the story into a full-length novel.

That's all the reason I need to remember this story in the future. The Big Book of Domination is a book that has something for everyone, from Dominants to submissives and everyone in between. If you are a lover of BDSM or sex, then this is an anthology that you will definitely want for your collection. Was this to be his fate, to be beaten and savaged and used, and nothing more?

The Big Book of Domination : Erotic Fantasies

When they were done loading the hired wagons, they walked behind them through the town. The smell of meat and root vegetables roasting was overwhelming. Colum was starving; they had eaten as well on the ship as the Vikings had, but rowing was hungry work. The town was nothing but a market, he thought, his eyes trying to absorb everything he saw. Vendors of ornate decorative silver clasps and buckles, soapstone figures, pottery, bolts of cloth, combs of bone and stone and silver and still more combs And beyond that, were a series of large halls, the great Viking halls of which Colum had read.

They halted at one of them. Colum and Niall started to unload the wagon, but Viggo stopped them. Torches and fireplaces provided light and heat, and they were quickly set to maintaining both, and to serving the food. On and on their serving duties went. Flagons of ale had to be filled again and again. Platters were stripped of food as quickly as he could bring it.

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It was like that Greek legend he recalled, of the man forever rolling a boulder uphill, never making it to the top. Finally he stumbled, weak with hunger. Viggo saw from his place at the table. Go and help in the kitchen. The kitchen was a bustling outbuilding behind the hall, where stocky women sweated over ovens and kettles and pits.

The two ex-monks squatted in a corner and glutted themselves on bread and cheese and fowl.

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The ale was strong, much stronger than Colum was used to, and he regretted guzzling it so greedily. Go and get a rest. It was hitting him now, the sorrow. The other monks were dead…all of them. He jumped up but Viggo waved him back down to the ground, sat beside him and looked out to sea. Not that we would have taken him.

But the rest would have done. Or most of them, anyway. Viggo shrugged. But the others demanded to know what he said. So…I translated. Colum was relieved, and ashamed of being relieved. Viggo looked Colum in the eyes, appraising him anew. The abbey was near a large market town. I know the Arab silver coins are prized because of their quality. And Arabs buy books. But when nobody else was around, it was different, he realized. It would be a double life with his new master, friendly and perhaps even affectionate in private…but in public he would be beaten, cuffed and spat on, a slave unworthy of human kindness.

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And I want you to tell me — honestly — which ones are worth anything. I know…something about these things. But not as much as you. I will give you pen and paper, so you can copy them out.

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Not like you have done at the monastery, all ornamented and such. Copied quickly, as you would a letter. Colum thought of all the Latin books he had memorized, knowing the pages would be destroyed by the Church, burnt as heresy or the paper stripped and reused for the accounting of saintly miracles. He had never dreamed that it would be barbarians and not Christians who would save the classical works lodged at Iona.

He dared to ask. Of what financial value are the words themselves, without the decoration, the ornamentation? Viggo smiled. You need no more reason than that.

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Colum got up and followed him. Viggo turned around quickly, and Colum nearly ran into him. So you get, and stay, in the habit. He is my lord and master, Colum thought. But Viggo…it felt right to call him a lord, a master. It felt…good. They drove the cart into town, Viggo at the reins and Colum in the back. They avoided the main thoroughfare, clogged with people and vendors. Viggo pulled up behind one of the houses that fronted the marketplace.

The sound of the cart brought a man to the back door. Colum disliked him instantly.

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He was wiry, nearly skeletal, his eyes huge in his head, alight with greed, his smile pulled into place against his nature. Colum thanked his physically active days at Clonmacnoise for making him strong, his sturdy back and shoulders needed now to hoist the heavy silver and gold out of the cart.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, he thought.

Erotic Short Stories: Dominating the new girl

Harald went about his business, examining the gems, extracting them from their settings, weighing the metal. Eventually he made a great show of counting out a pile of the Arab coins. One of his more tedious tasks had been recording the value of the gifts given to the monastery, and the value of the treasure placed in safekeeping. He hated numbers, had no gift for them, but he was no fool and they had been drilled into his head all the same.

The blow came too fast to see. Viggo had whipped around and struck him with the back of his open hand, but the force was enough to send Colum staggering to his knees. Harald examined Colum with predatory eyes. The violence had excited him; he licked his lips as he looked at Colum on his knees.

He was a slave, after all, as easily bought or sold or traded as the rest of the loot.