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Then look for the sequel. Boy from Berlin -- a memorable story that is both inspirational and hugely entertaining.

The Boy From Berlin

This is a wonderful adventure that touches upon some important 20C history in a spellbinding and age-appropriate way. And there's a sequel in the works! Highly recommended for any 8 to year-olds in your life.

It will prompt many questions and an excellent opportunity to answer them. Her vivid literary palette captivates the reader by weaving personally informed historic fact with engaging fiction.

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It strikes both personal reminiscences and vicarious familiarities. The experience, lessons learnt and being grateful will ring true for young and old.

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A curiosity: obbligato instruments, which were to be such a feature of the mature Meyerbeer style, accompany the voice, harp for sorrow, clarinet for joy. The listener will either shudder or fall down and worship, according to taste. The plot, as so often in seria , hangs on the tyrant, Aladino, changing his mind at the last moment. Choral interjections help cover the changing gears. The fioritura does not sound like Rossini—there is a new sophistication to the harmonies as well as a brazenness to the acuti. Damrau tears up the stage.

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And then we are in Paris for Robert le Diable in , an opera that is proof Meyerbeer had spent a year or two absorbing the lessons of Auber and Rossini. With Scribe to write his libretti and the Paris orchestra to play whatever he asked, his template was set for the rest of his life. Virtuoso coloratura sopranos may adore a Meyerbeer showpiece, but these roles are, curiously, seldom the emotional core of grand opera; the florid chirping is often beside the dramatic point.

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It is the lower-voiced ladies who are the emotional heart of the story, or share it with the tenor, as if the unselfishness of restrained passion meant more to the grand opera audience. Even Berlioz followed this pattern with Cassandre and Didon in the grandest opera of them all. It occurs at a crux of dramatic tension: Will Robert make use of satanic powers to kidnap Isabelle, or will she persuade him to spare her body and his soul?

It is almost the only time in the opera that one even notices Isabelle. It calls for a real dramatic coloratura with range and passion— Renata Scotto made one of her biggest early splashes with it.

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Damrau is at her best here, singing, even speaking a few words, but never sacrificing a pure, line. Plenty of composers had paired flute with a soprano or a clarinet with a mezzo—but who else would set a solo cello with the tenor and then a piccolo beside a basso profundo —in successive arias in the same scene of Huguenots?

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Sutherland loved the role because Queen Marguerite only sings this piece and the duet that immediately follows, and then except for a couple of ensembles she could do needlepoint backstage till the opera is over. Even so, she rarely sang it uncut, through all four of its sections one of them accompanied by a trio of other ladies , and reams of roulades; hardly anyone sings it uncut. Damrau does, on and on, the joy of a well-ordered rampage and show-off session. Could the engineers not have re-recorded and inserted it?