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When Do You Change a Peace Lily's Pot?

The pot is the first application of the material. As the new design breaks down in your backyard, it adds carbon to the soil. The new bioplastic is made primarily from lignin, a waste product from the paper industry. In the past, paper mills often burned the material to create energy.

The ‘Drug Talk,’ Rewritten

But as the cost of other energy dropped and paper sales fell, the industry began to consider other ways to make use of the material. Are there steps that I should follow when repotting? A: There are two sure signs a plant needs to a bigger pot and fresh mix: roots grow out the drain hole or water runs right through the pot and out the drain hole.

But there are other indications that repotting might be wise. Occasionally, the roots will actually crack the pot or grow out the top of the soil, or the pot will tip over all the time because it is too small for the plant. If you are trying to get a tropical foliage plant like peace lily or philodendron to grow larger, repot it each year into a pot just one size larger.

How to Repot Your Plant | Plant Care Tips – The Sill

Conversely, if you want a potted plant to stay the size that it is but know it needs fresh mix, prune its roots slightly and repot back into the same container with fresh soil mix to keep it healthy. When you repot, the first task is to assemble everything you will need: new pot, fresh mix, water, fertilizer, stakes or trellises if needed.

How to Re-pot a plant - Tips for repotting Nursery plants

Take the plant out of the old pot without damaging the root ball. Squeeze plastic pots or roll them on the bench gently if the root ball does not slide right out.

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If all else fails, cut or break the pot. By the late s, marijuana was rarely discussed in the context of drug trafficking and drug abuse.

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And marijuana had lost its association with other Schedule I drugs like cocaine and heroin in the New York Times. Gradually, the stereotypical persona of the marijuana user shifted from the stoned slacker wanting to get high to the aging boomer seeking pain relief. But analysis of newspapers of record, like this one, provide insight into how the news media has changed its framing of marijuana, especially during an era when newspapers were still a primary news source.

The politics of pot are changing

As Americans became more supportive of marijuana legalization, they also increasingly told survey researchers that the criminal justice system was too harsh. As Americans started to feel the full social and economic effects of tough-on-crime initiatives, they reconsidered the problems with criminalizing marijuana. Did concern about the harshness of the criminal justice system affect support for legalization — or vice versa? By contrast, the cause and effect is clearer with respect to the media framing of marijuana.

Politics of the Day (15 Videos)

Once attitudes begin to change, it is difficult to know what keeps the momentum moving. Whatever the initial impetus, attitudes today are drastically more supportive, and legalization is increasing fast. Christopher Thomas is a Ph. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In.

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Opinion: This is the surprising reason why Americans have dramatically shifted their views on legalizing pot. By Amy Adamczyk and Christopher Thomas. Comment icon.