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Book of all hours series. Beach books series. Black book: Diary of a teenage stud series. Man from Boot Hill series. If the New Republic was relying on us, they'd pitch us into the battle and expect us to take care of things. They did it before, more times than I care to remember. The problem at Rhommamool, for example, and even the loss of Dantooine. As Leia noted, the politicians can't support the Jedi. This does not mean, however, that we will be totally alone out there. The military will be unable to help us overtly, but they are very sympathetic to us. Having us out there to deal with civilian difficulties will free up their people to do what they do best.

If danger presents itself, then we take steps. We get no more active missions?

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Nothing going into Yuuzhan Vong territory? Corran is being sent to Garqi. That left me in the military reserve, and they just reactivated me.

Figured you had to be the equal of another dozen Noghri, right? The mission has merit. Want the slot? The youth stood. If you think I should go, Master, I'll go. They should be ready by the end of the week.

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We're only waiting on transport scheduling. I know that what you're being asked to do may not be what you think needs to be done. You may think your skills are being wasted. I appreciate that, but these are the tasks that need doing.

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You knew what you were going to tell us to do. You weren't willing to think about being wrong. The orders could be changed easily. Had there been a convincing argument to show this course of action was wrong, I'd have changed them. He argued that a complete lack of evidence to the contrary of my evidence was somehow evidence that my point was invalid. If we persist in this course, we will find the Yuuzhan Vong right here, on Coruscant. I know it. I can feel it. I hope you are not.

Located in the aft of the Bothan Attack Cruiser, the room featured a transparisteel arch that provided a clear view of the light tunnel of hyperspace. Jacen had seen such lights all his life, so they were no longer remarkable to him; yet, even so, he found it hard to concentrate and focus his thoughts.

The week just past had been a very full one, but it was not the packing and farewells, the briefing and training that weighed on him. All of those things he had done long before - though he did admit to himself that to be heading off into such grave danger made a big difference in what he said to his mother and father and even his little brother. When it closed, returning the room to contemplative darkness, she floated forward like a ghost and seated herself next to him.

I don't think I've ever felt you this agitated. We had a head start on reading each other before we got to know anyone else. Still, you do seem to be leaking here a bit.

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What's wrong? I mean, I guess the enormity of what we're doing has finally hit me. Well, the Yuuzhan Vong are our Empire, and at first scan, they're more powerful than what Mom and Dad faced. Here, we just have to be ourselves and do the best we can.

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Of course, I've got great examples to follow in doing that. None of them have the Force, but they're ace pilots. I mean, I have a hard time imagining life without the Force, and these guys are doing great things without relying on it. We have all these people here willing to put their lives on the line, trusting in their leaders, the traditions that govern them, their own sense of right and wrong, their guts.

It's a whole army doing that, going off to defend people on worlds that orbit stars that they can't see from their own homeworlds. As Jedi, that's what we do, but I'm just one pilot in the squadron.

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I'm responsible for my wingmate. I'm responsible to Colonel Darklighter. I carry out my orders as best I can. If I try to think beyond that, I'll be distracted and then I won't be of use to anyone" "But, Jaina, you're a member of Rogue Squadron. All the tradition how can you not carry that with you?