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This is the largest seizure of elephant ivory in Singapore to date. The haul falls just short of 9. With this seizure, Singapore has seized a total of According to the National Parks Board, the seized pangolin scales and elephant ivory will be destroyed to prevent them from re-entering the market. Conservation , News , Wildlife.

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  • 14 tons of pangolin scales seized in Singapore in a single smuggling bust.
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From our in-house team: - Interesting wildlife facts and research Safari tips, travel and destinations News desk. The seized elephant ivory at a holding area in Singapore.

Not frozen beef: Nearly 13 tonnes of pangolin scales worth S$52 million seized in Singapore

Since April , Singapore has seized a total of This haul consisted of scales belonging to giant pangolins and which were estimated to have come from 2, of these animals. The ivory is estimated to have come from nearly African elephants, making it the largest seizure of ivory in Singapore to date.

Previously Singapore seized kg of cut up and carved ivory in April The scales and ivory seized in this haul will be destroyed, to prevent them from re-entering the market. World pic.

The Seizing of Singapore

Another record seizure of illegally traded wildlife in Singapore! Good work Singapore.

Now time to prosecute. Tons of elephant ivory, pangolin scales seized in Singapore.

Drugs shipment meant for Singapore, Indonesia seized in JB

Tags: elephant , Ivory , pangolin , Scales. Ground pangolin. Image: Johan Vermeulen.