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Tiger Blood! Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Product Highlights This is a book about marketing and branding. After all, no one in the world ever goes out of his or her way to see a bad movie, but plenty. He's got some open secrets.

About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Take your time mulling your topic over before you launch your blog. He founded FanSided and currently has a couple other start-ups in the developmental phase. He has covered sports, film, pop culture and blogging all over the Net. Follow him on Twitter at adamcbest. I agree with you. I put a lot of thought into those 3 posts.

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If I had to post 2 or 3 times a day, my content would suck and it would just be a bunch of no-sense words on the screen. Great post, thanks! I do well though and have made great strides in a short period of time averaging 11k page views daily in less than 18 months. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and as a Bodhran player- I did the drum roll with my hands. You got me all excited to start writing some great content for my blog. I try to update my blog at least 2 times a day, with at least one longer post. I typically curate some news on my Twitter feed, but why not write a couple sentences of commentary and post it on my blog instead?


I think DaringFireball is an example we could look to. As I read his, I am in the middle of a blog post that I was cranking out just to get it out. Talk about timing. It made me think about the reason that I blog and what I want to share with my readers. Great article, but 5 posts per week is more than a hobby man. I figure five quality posts is quite sufficient; even four; possibly three… maybe? I am trying to do it 5 day and the number is there on my mind that makes me read more and keep the count increasing of my topic lists.

So till now i am having fun. Some of us spend hours on one single blog post.

Richard Kind

Getting 5 out a week is a massive effort. This is fantastic. I keep a binder for drafting posts and save those at the end of the day as drafts to be posted in the future. Two quality posts seem to be just right for my blog. I think you did a great job of covering what you need to have a successful blog. I think that will be my next blog. How to blog smart. What I mean by that is target the blog to the audience. Make sure it is search engine friendly and for the rest of my tips you will have to stay tuned… :-D.

I agree with most of this, but similar to what others have said, I feel like Blogging Often and Blog Outstandingly have the potential to contradict each other. Yes, you should blog on a regular basis, but blogging just to make sure you reach your weekly quota can often lead to poor, forced articles. I generally try to blog about 5 times a week, but mostly, I blog when inspiration hits.

Your point about being original is spot on. Discuss a common topic, but with a creative twist :. Really inspiring advice. It is tough to post daily, but the blogs I like best are the ones that update daily or several times a day. Blogging often may be difficult, but I agree that it makes a big difference. I really got a kick out of the movie and sports references. I also enjoyed the points, and I guess that means I am failing the Blog Often test because I was going for maybe one every 5 days or so.

That provided a little interlude to recover from my blogging genius he says tongue in cheek. I have tried to be original, humorous, mix content, etc. With daily posts, what would you say is the typical word count? Your post is awesome. Thanks for the four Os steps. I like your writing style and you simply rock.

Until I start making actual money, I figure it is a hobby no matter how many posts I make per week. It has motivated me to take the time that is needed to put quality information together.

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I found myself a couple of weeks ago just rushing to get something posted but nobody seemed to care. Since then I have changed my outlook and focused on every little aspect of my posts. I have noticed an influx of over visitors per day!! Nice post, I am agreed to you in most of the part, but only concern is creating 5 posts in a week is asking for too much, especially when you have to come across very good quality content. I used to do, 2 or may be 3 posts in a week, which I think is good enough if you are producing content of good quality.

Search traffic is really based on quality original content, not quantitative. Flooding your blog with content just for traffic sake just becomes spam. Instead of posting times a day, I think at most, bloggers should posts. Maybe one long post, and one short post. This would improve consistency and neither you or your readers will be burnt out. OK, ok — about posting frequency. My approach is different.

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When I switched my approach and instead of publishing 3 short posts per week, I decided to publish only one huge article on Friday, my traffic have increased, social media interaction jumped up, not mentioning my revenue. So really — people want to read good content, not new content every day or hour. A lot of us are personal bloggers.

We simply engage with other personal family style blogs. I find that the less frequently I post, the more comments I get per post. If I put up an article too soon after another, that first one suffers because visitors tend to only read and comment on the most recent post.

Very few people go deep into a blog past the newest post. They want to read your latest post and move onto the next blog.

Charlie Sheen Rants -- Winning with Tiger Blood

I tend to post about once or twice a week, and my comment numbers average over 40 per post. The lowest number of comments I ever got on my posts was the one week I put three posts up on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I barely got 10 comments on each post. Not yet finished reading the whole article but it was awesome till I read, a help lot of information over there.