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How to say turn back time in sign language? Everything I have gone through in my life, good or bad, was caused and attracted by me.

But remember also that those things were put in motion for a reason. To teach you and propel you closer to your destiny. I blamed others for my lack of self-love, awareness, and purpose.

Going back in time would be like getting a second chance to do it all over again and amend regrets. There are many things I wish that I could change.

If I Could Turn Back Time

I know you probably share my sentiments. I do not believe that there is anyone who would not like to go back in time and change something in their past. We are all human, and we are all connected by the love we give and by the harm we cause. I will share with you something very personal. Now at 46, I can no longer say the same.

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So what has transpired in those 20 years? How could my life have taken such a different path? Perhaps I lost perspective. I forgot what was truly important.

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I became selfish. I let my impulses govern my actions. I let my fear-based-ego-driven-life take over. My conscious has awakened, and 20 years later, I find myself wanting to be open-hearted and vulnerable with you about all the things I feel at this moment. I realized that those very things are the very gems that have sent me on this path of self-discovery.

Without them, I would not be where I am today. As my spiritual coach teaches, everything that took place, took place because it was for my ultimate good. So I could bring consciousness to the things I needed to address and change in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to tell all those I hurt that I am deeply sorry for any pain my actions may have caused you. Intentionally or not, I know now that words often cut deeper than the sharpest knife.

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To my family and friends know that I love you. Please know that you add such wonderful meaning to my life and I am grateful to have you as a blessing. I have to live with that.

Scientists just turned back time and it's like Back To The Future is coming true

I am conscious that feeling a sense of nostalgia is part of my progress as I look to atone the errors of my past. In life, you learn to take the hits and to know its all part of the human experience. You cannot choose whether we experience regret, but you can choose to learn from it or have it go in vain. So I am choosing to look at my regrets not as dark spots in my life, but as diamonds that illuminate my present and future path. The realization that we can be better people because of it.

By choosing to live authentically and honorably so I can look at my daughters and feel no shame in the person that I am. It is in the process of facing our darkness, in the courage to endure it, to learn from it, to process it, to transcend it, that we get the self-realization that leads to a more peaceful life.

All I can do is look at each new day as a gift. A new opportunity to start over and live from a place of pride and gratitude. Looking back at my regrets and releasing them to the Universe is healing for me. In letting myself feel the regret, I have learned as much about my darkness as I have about my light. The thoughts that sometimes haunt my nights, when I cannot relegate them to the activities of the day, is when I have the chance to face my inner self. I think I see so much of what I would love to change because I am in such a better place in my life now.

I wish that I could go back and apply all that I have learned and gift my past with such great things that I know today.

I think that is the reason for my sadness. I have to learn to live with the painful moments of the past and the memories they bring. I acknowledge that things happen as they do, disguised as agents for change. It is due to these life lessons that I can now live in such a state of gratitude today. As difficult as they can be to endure, they can also pave the way at times to illumination, conscience, forgiveness, humility, contribution, appreciation, gratitude, and faith.