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I am outdone and overwhelmed.

We adjust to life after Jimmie. We exchange warm memories and unspoken well wishes. We begin to relax. We remember life before arguing boys, tables where all the chair fit, babysitters that do not require extra instructions. And we embrace the life that is much simpler — almost reluctantly.

We continue to pray for less bitter and more sweet knowing that God always uses our lemons to make lemonade. If you would like a beautiful set of your own forever flowers to remind you of the power of prayer, they are available here. If you are a blogger and you would like a complimentary set of silk flowers to review on your own blog, contact me. Peace that Passes Understanding Free Printable.

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What are some ways that God reminds you of answered prayers? How has He used your lemons to make lemonade? This post was hard to read but reassuring at the same time.

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We too experienced the Angel known as Jimmie and he is very hard to miss. He was a child that adapted fast, was willing to please, and so loving.

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But there was a piece that you could tell was missing for him. I hope he has it now. He will truly be missed from our presence. Like Liked by 1 person. Sorry I never got to talk. We will talk soon. Our schedules are so crazy. A big dream for a small boy. My dad says he still calls us mom and dad. Like Like. Sad story, but God knows the best answer for our prayers. I hope he is doing well now. It works for me as a cancer survivor, healed of cancer, but left with the radiation damage.

I focus on the lovely and true… instead of the yucky stuff. Yes He does. I cannot imagine life as a cancer survivor. You are right. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Very touching. I wonder how he felt? Did he like to go with his mother or was he more used to you? I understand most of the other issues too, but you are fortunate to have come across a man, now your husband who loves and cares for you so much. That helps to bear up and push the past behind and move on. I wish you all the best. He did want to go with his mom. My hope and prayer is that he will inspire her to change the life she is living. Perhaps God sent him back to save her. No one really knows at the point. We all need companionship I believe. I am truly blessed to live with my best friend.

When Life Hands You Lemons & Sugar

God surely will provide the people in your life that will be so instrumental that your alone will not be lonely or that you may never be alone again. His plan, though unknown, saves lives — our own and the ones around us. We are managing. Day by day. My kids still mention him or draw him in anything regarding family. I truly think his mom needed him more than we ever could, and that puts me at ease. Reading about how God has comforted you has reminded me of all the amazing ways that God helps us to, as cliche as it is, make lemons out of lemonade. Thanks Ophie!

God does always know just what to do to show us that He sees, He understands, and He cares. Brittany, I love this. So beautifully written. So touching. Blessings sweet sister.

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Lots of love to you and your family as you transition to a new normal. That was so personal, about your sister taking the son you had raised for 2 years and your broken relationship. I can truly relate, to how God heals. Thanks again for this sweet post. Thank you. God does heal, and He definitely knows how to fix broken. I appreciate you stopping by and your kind words. Of course.

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I think everyone could use a reminder that God is watching and looking out for our best interest. This is heart-breaking, but kudos to you for being so positive. Your daughter will sure grow up to a be a beautiful human seeing such qualities in you. Thank you for the encouragement. We are doing much better theses days.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. But make sure you are zesting properly. Use a grater or, ideally, a microplaner to gently remove the yellow zest from the lemon. Try to get as little white pith as possible, which is much more bitter than the actual zest.

When Life Hands You Pink Lemons: Making the best of

Instead of salting a finished dish, try a squeeze of fresh lemon just before serving. This works especially well with fried foods. If you add it too early to something that's still cooking, like a sauce, it can turn slightly bitter. Also, be careful when adding lemon juice to dairy; it can cause the dairy to curdle. The specialty cereal shop sells bowls doctored with other ingredients. I ordered one with Special K but any branlike cereal would work that was topped with pistachios, fresh thyme and lemon zest.

I now regularly add a small amount of zest to my cereal and oatmeal. Meyer lemons, which are more orangelike, darker in color and sweeter than regular lemons, are available at certain times of the year. Pink lemons are more elusive, but they have a very distinct skin typically yellow with green stripes , bright pink flesh and a floral flavor that complements the lemony tang.