Guide You Can Learn to Love Yourself (Ready for Love Series with Love Coach Nikki Leigh)

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Every little mistakes that I made only make me hate myself more. I knew u would never work it out well!! I never told my parents abt this because I dont want them to worry. Thank you so muh for this article, it really opens my eyes to see that I dont need to damn myself and have negative thoughts abt myself for every little mistaks or imperfection that I make. Hi m a 23 year old girl living in a conservative country.

I m v beautiful n smart.

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I was a topper all through my life but still I feel empty. My father is n abusive husband he has aIways dominated me n my mom. My entire childhood n still I feel DT m under a house arrest. My dad has controlled my life entirely. I was never allowed to go out or even talk to my guy cousins or make male friends.

I was not allowed to even look at boys directly. I never made friends n dun believe in friendship cz everybody has hated my guts I was v pretty n intelligent n won every competition of drawing studies painting or beauty etc. Which was y everyone hated me as I was perfect. Many guys now want me BT I was in 2 relationships n mind it dese r basically d only guys I hv talked to n befriended. Both of them dominated me again. They dun allow me to make friends, extremely possessive n jealous. I m marrying one if them.

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My dad hates me cz I crossed d line BT accepted my bf cz he is from a v good family. So u can c d contradictions. Despite being perfect m feeling d same as above people. I hate my life n myself. I have tried to commit suicide twice. I dunno what I wanna do in my life. Whatever career m pursuing its cz of d burden of being perfect. Its really boring. I always feel out of place n lonely. I think I m different n awkward. I think like a loser always as I never take compliments seriously though I hv been always getting them cz I think I dun deserve them.

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My bf whom I m supposed to get married to next year is a party animal n outgoing. I on d other hand m n introvert n very emotional. I dun drink or smoke hv always followed every god damn rule in my life. Everybody thinks I m boring n belong to 19 the century. I recently failed in d toughest exam of my country. M completely destroyed n I need help.

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Cannot go to a doctor cz I dun hv money. Plz help me. Hi, I have struggled with self worth for 31 years. I finally liked me. I was going to college.

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My husband cheated. Maybe I tried to compensate and never was completely healed and why I so easily fell back to these feelings. Wow… Honestly I found the comments rather depressing. I mean if they have nothing else to live for than putting other people down, then they are stuck, while we have a chance to fly. Yeah, I know, freaky right? Unnatural maybe? I still am. I mean I hated myself for a long time, for being different, but u know what? These people that focus on putting others down will get nowhere in life, and secretly they know it. It s people like us, the freaks, geeks, and weirdos that will run this country, and have done so before.

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I know that expressing yourself this way, venting as is, is overall good for you to get it of your chest, and help you let go of things. But at the end of the day, the only person that can change your life is you. Wauw I know the post is from ages ago. But for a seventeen year old I think your style of thinking is amazing. And though I am way older I really feal supported by your last sentence.

Thank you so much for your post. I hate posts like this. Starting off on that foot means that the rest of the article is also inapplicable to me and generally seems to be rephrasing CBT and making it look like some revolutionary technique credited to the Firestones alone, which could not be further from the truth. Hey, i rather not mention my name.

I have experienced bullying from age Everyday these voices of the bullies haunt me day after day. One day i finally found the perfect guy, i know it may sound strange coming from a 17 year old girl. I was myself around him , for once i felt like myself like i was free. So i ended up pushing him away.

Today after reading this little article i realized i have to try to get the real me out, to try to get him back, and to leave the negative me behind. It may be a struggle to do but thanks to you i believe it can be done. Excellent article. I would like to point out, though, that people can boost those positive or negative feelings.

The only thing that brings me back to life and helps me feel relaxed with people is alcohol. I feel content with alcohol and I can have a laugh and connect with people — no problems. My parents have never shown much love, mainly disapline and money orientated. If my parents brought me up the way they did and this is what I am because of it, then I guess this is what I have to man up and face. I have to admit this article has got me thinking that maybe I am not the only one with that destructive inner voice problem.

Thanks for putting that worry out of my mind.

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Besides the article, the comments have helped me immensely to realise that it is okay to have these problems in the first place as long as you fight it and not drown in despair. They refused to acknowledge the problems I had with myself brushing it aside as attention seeking behavior.

As a result I had stopped confiding in my mom who used to be my bestie as I used to and kept of my problems to my self. But in reality this only seemed to be fodder to the inner critic and the self loathing escalated. This kept me from making friends as well in fear of being perceived as damaged.